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Photo: Couloir

Happy telecommunications users in Belgium

BIPT conducts an annual survey of customer satisfaction of telecommunications users.

The results obtained show high levels of global satisfaction. They also reveal a decline in the use of Facebook and WhatsApp. So, even with the recent scandals and downtime, Facebook seems to be already in decline for a while.


The survey also shows some changes in the use of media. Watching television via the internet rose from 35% last year to 40% this year. Pay TV and VOD or video on demand increased from 32% in 2020 to 40% in 2021.
In contrast, fixed telephony continues to drop from 53 % in 2020 to 46 % in 2021.

Among the Belgian population, 93% use mobile telephony, 91% have internet at home and 81% have digital television. This year, 60% of the population reported to have had no problems with their operator. This is an improvement compared to last year when this was still 55 %.

On the BIPT website, it is possible to compare operators and providers of telecommunications and postal services. No less than 40% of the users of such a service changed their tariff plan and moved to a cheaper rate. Even 35% of users changed telecom operator.


Our radio amateurs also seem to be satisfied, as membership continues to increase.