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UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest

1. Date

14 january 2023, 12:00 UTC until 15 january 2023, 11:59 UTC.
(every year the 2nd weekend of january)

2. Participants

Participation is open to all radio amateurs world wide in possession of a valid licence and to all SWL's.
With regard to participation in activities of a competitive nature (contests, ARDF competitions, obtaining awards, etc.), the UBA Governing Body has decided that the UBA will axe the measures taken by various IARU sister associations and regular sports organisations. This means that, until further notice, radio amateurs from the Russian Federation and Belarus will be excluded from participation.
The IARU stipulates that politics and radio amateurism should not be out of sync. The UBA's decision to exclude Russians and Belarusians from competitive activities organised by it is rooted in the fact that we judged that the issue is a moral one and not political.
QSOs with the Russian Federation and Belarus therefore count for 0 QSO points and 0 points for multipliers.

3. Mode

BPSK63 only

4. Bands

10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meter, in the segments recommended by the IARU for this mode.

5. Power

Maximum power  output 50 W (5 W for QRP), in order not to cause interference or splatter to other participants.

6. Categories

  • Single Operator All Band - SOAB
  • Single Operator Single Band (SO10, etc.)
  • Single Operator All Band QRP - SOABQRP
  • Single Operator Single Band QRP (SO10QRP, etc.)
  • Multi Operator, only All Band - MO (max output 50W)
  • SWL all bands.(see point 17)

7. Remarks

  • The use of DX clusters is permitted in all categories.  Self spotting, asking others to spot you, undercover spots or any spots from multi operator team members are not allowed.
  • In the Single Operator categories, only one transmitted signal on the air is permitted at any time.
  • In the Single Operator Single Band categories , QSO´s may be made on other bands but the operator can only opt for an award on one band.  Make sure that you marked the correct category in your log.  Do not remove the QSO's on other bands.
  • In the Multi operator categories, only one transmitted signal per band at any one time is permitted. All transmitters, receivers, and antennas must be within a radius of 500m.
  • Only one callsign is allowed to be used for the duration of the contest.

8. General call


9. Valid Contacts

Stations may be contacted anywhere in the world. Each station can be contacted only once per band.

10. Exchange

Stations located outside of Belgium:

RSQ followed by a serial number starting with 001.

Stations located in Belgium (ON)
RSQ followed by the 3 lettercode of the UBA Section.  Non UBA members will send XXX. National UBA stations (ON4UBA, ON4DIG and ON4YLC) give UBA as their section.

  • OO9O is a UBA member and will send 599 ACC
  • ONxZZZ is not a UBA member and will send 599 XXX
  • LX/OO9O is UBA member but not in Belgium and will send 599 001
  • 9A5RBJ is UBA member but is at home and will send 599 001
  • ON/ 9A5RBJ is on holliday in Belgium and UBA member and will send 599 NBT
  • ON/9AxZZZ is on holliday in Belgium, but not a UBA member and will send 599 XXX

11. Points

Every QSOs one (1) point.

12. Multiplier

  • Every prefix according to the WPX rules once on each band.
  • Every UBA Section once on each band. (XXX is also a multiplier)

13. Final score

The sum of the points obtained, multiplied by the sum of all the multipliers obtained on all bands.

14. Logs

  • All logs must be submitted electronically in CABRILLO format.  Paper logs, logs in Word, excel or pdf  are not accepted.
  • Send your log by email as an attachment to ubapsk63 [at] uba [dot] be. Do not compress your file.
  • Mention your callsign in the subjectline of your email.
  • The logfile should be called XXXXX.log (where XXXXX is the callsign you used)
  • Logs must be received within 1 week after the contest. Deadline is january 22, 23:59 UTC.  Logs received after that date will be used as checklog.
  • If you have any questions or problems regarding this contest, please contact the contest manager contest [at] uba [dot] be
  • The confirmation that your log has been received does not mean that it is valid, it merely confirms that it has been received.  If we are having problems with your log we will contact you.
  • Received logs will be published on the UBA website.  A link will be provided in your confirmation email.  This is a manual process, so please be patient and do not send your log again unless you made corrections in your log.  The last log received will be accepted.

Cabrillo examples for the log. PLEASE READ

N1MM UDC file. ON stations have to use UBA63BRTTY.udc, DX stations have to use UBA63RTTY.udc
MixW  (DLL files)
CTESTWIN (Japanese website)

15. Log correction issues

Logchecking  will be computerized with as few manual interference possible.
Try to be sure all callsigns and exchanges are logged correctly by both stations.

QSO neither counted nor penalized for the following:
  • Incorrectly logged calls (Bad Call)
  • Incorrectly logged exchanges
  • QSO is not present in the other station log (NIL)
  • QSO time in entrant's log and other station's log difference is more than 5 minutes. So make sure your computer clock is correct.
  • QSO bands or modes in entrant's log and other station's log differ. Both stations will lose the QSO.
  • Dupe QSO's.
  • If no log is received, a QSO will only count for points if the callsign appears in at least 5 other logs.

16. Prizes

Digital certificates for the winner in every category and for the winner in each DXCC country.  Additional certificates for all participants with at least 20 valid QSO's in their log.  The certificates will reflect the participants place WW, in his continent and in his DXCC country.

17. SWL rules

SWL's have to report Date, UTC, band, Callsign of the station copied, QSO number sent by the station copied and the callsign of the station being worked.  A station will count only once for points on each band.  A station being worked may only be used 10 times on each band. SWL's can use the program SWL_DQR_log from SP7DQR.  http://sp7dqr.pl/en/contests.php

18. Declaration

By submitting your log in the UBA PSK 63 Prefix Contest you agree that:
  • you have read and understood the rules of the contest and agree to be bound by them,
  • you have operated according to all rules and regulations of your country that pertain to amateur radio,
  • all actions and decisions of the Contest Committee are official and final.

UBA Sections

AAA Antwerpse Actieve Amateurs   HAC Hasselt   PHI Section radio de Philippeville
ACC Antwerp Contest Club   HCC Haaglandse Contest Club   RAC Radio Amateurs Club
ALT Radioamateurs Aalter   HOB Heist-op-den-Berg   RAF Radio Club Ardenne-Famenne
ARA Aktieve Radio Amateurs   HRT Herentals   RAM Radio-Amateurs Mouscronnois
ARC Amateur Radio Club of Brussels   IPR Ieper   RAT Radio Amateur Team
AST Aalst   KSD Koksijde   RBO Eupen
ATH Radio Club de Ath   KTK Kortrijk   RCA Radio Club des Ardennes
ATO Tienen   LGE Liège   RCB Radio Club de Bruxelles
BDX Brussels DX team   LIR Lierse Radioamateurs   RCN Radio Club Noord
BFA Belgian Friends of Amateur radio   LLV La LouVière   REM Radioamateurs Erpe-Mere
BLW Brussel West   LUS LUxembourg Sud   RST Sint-Truiden
BRC Bell Radio Club   LVN Leuven   RSX Ronse
BSE Brabant Sud-Est   MCL Mechelen   SNW Sint-Niklaas
BTS BrabanT Sud   MLB Midden Limburg   THN THuiN
BXE BruXelles Est   MNS MoNS   TLS Tussen Leie en Schelde
CDZ Ciney Beauraing   MTT Mol-Turnhout   TRA Torhoutse Radio Amateurs
CLR CharLeRoi   MWV Midden West-Vlaanderen   TRC Trudo Radioamateurs Club
CPN Charleroi Pays Noir   NBT Noord Brabant   TWS Together We're Strong
CRD Club Radioamateur de Durnal   NLB Noord Limburg   UBA National UBA Clubstations
DNZ Deinze   NMR NaMuR   VHF Antwerpen VHF
DRC Dendermonde   NNV Ninove   WLD Waasland
DST Diest   NOK Noorderkempen   WRA Wortegemse Radioamateurs
EKO Meetjeslandse Radioamateurs   NOL Noord-Oost Limburg   WRC West-vlaamse Radio Club
ERA Eeklose Radioamateurs   ODE Oudenaarde   WTN Radio Club Wetteren
GBN Geraardsbergen   ONZ Oosthoek   WTO WaTerlOo
GBX GemBlouX   ORA Opwijkse Radio Amateurs   XXX No UBA member
GDV Gang De Verviers   OSA Antwerpen   ZLB Zuid Limburg
GNT Gent   OSB Brugge   ZLZ Zelzate
GTM Grensloze TransMissie   OST Oostende   ZTM Zottegem