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La nouvelle version de WinOnContest est disponible

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Jacques ON4AVJ reported he has finished a new version (2.22) of his WinOnContest software. There were some adjustments for the VHF contests of 2010 (with Rover class) and the Spring Contest. The WinOnContest software is free and known by most active contests applicants. You can download the program from our "Download" page.

The program operates under different Windows versions (32 bit) and supports all major Belgian contests including the UBA DX Contest (CW and SSB), the Spring Contest, the ON Contest, the UBA HF Fieldday and all VHF contests (50 MHz and higher ). In order to use this program the drivers for MS Access 2000 are required. These drivers can be found on the Internet or you can obtain them from the author.

WinOnContest main screen

The software is free and free to use. Jacques is open to all suggestions.

Thanks to Jacques for this wonderful software.